Nathalie has been practicing and teaching the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® methods for 25 years. Master Trainer, formed by Juliu Horvath, she prepares future teachers.

Her journey

Trained in the late 90s in Paris and New York, she taught from the start at the GYROTONIC® PARIS studio, 1st studio in France, with Regula Gadient.

Based in Madrid until 2014, she created GYROTONIC® CONDE DE ORGAZ. The latter is the most complete center in Spain and contributes to the development of the method in this country. In this context, she works regularly in collaboration with doctors and osteopaths.

Back in France, she creates :

Nathalie was originally a dancer and actress, but she also graduated in massage, shiatsu and natural medicine.

Chance of life even led her to become a 3D special effects stuntwoman, and it was there that she was able to experience the importance of the GYROTONIC® method to athletes. Indeed, following injuries, trauma and excess, the practice of this discipline has proven to be essential in both physical preparation and precision of movement and in recovery.

Passionate about movement, she continues to constantly update herself with Juliu Horvath who is the creator of the GYROTONIC® & GYROKINESIS® method.

« There is no life without movement and without exchange. »

The richness and diversity of her background have enabled her to understand how to better adapt this method to everyone depending on the circumstances. It has thus developed a global vision of the system with specialized equipment and applications thérapeutiques.

Nathalie offers everyone, at their own level, to rediscover their own ability to move, to breathe and simply to feel good and centered in their body.
By respecting one’s own biomechanics through movement, one potentiates one’s own possibilities and aptitudes. We feel more and more serene.

Her skills

  • GYROTONIC® SPECIALIZED EQUIPMENT TRAINER – Jumping Stretching Board, Leg Extension Unit, GYROTONER®, ARCHWAY, Pulley Tower